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Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage Manufacturing Process


Although many readers of rider use carbon fiber, few know much about how it is made. That should surprise no one. Carbon fiber producers are tight-lipped about how their product is manufactured.

Each producer’s fiber differs from those of its competitors, and the processing details that give each brand its signature characteristics are considered to be intellectual property. The carbon fiber manufacturing process also is notoriously difficult and expensive.

Today let's learn a few new things about bicycle carbon bottle cage manufacturing process.


1.Carbon fiber Material:Xiamen Most Sports Goods Co.,Ltd all products use Toray T700 high modulus carbon fiber


2.This is carbon fiber Weave,now we can supply 3K,12K,18K,UD 


3.Remove the carbon fiber bottle cage from the mold


4.3k carbon fiber bottle cage with Toray T700


5.The blanks of carbon bottle cage,next step we will finish the subtlety of bottle cage.


6.3k Glossy carbon bottle cage VS The blanks of carbon bottle cage

Xiamen Most Sports Goods Co.,Ltd supplying carbon bicycle products, including carbon rim,carbon wheels, carbon frames, carbon forks, carbon handlebars, carbon stems, carbon bottle cages, carbon seat posts and other related carbon fiber composite products. all our products are strictly according to EN standards and SGS standard.

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You are here: Home News Carbon Fiber Bottle Cage Manufacturing Process